What Lurks Underneath (with clip/reading)

My poem just published in VOICES ISRAEL 2012: Poetry from Israel & Abroad Vol.38:


What Lurks Underneath

I have always been obsessed with the way
we use language to mask primal urges.  No, that is
what Boston Globe correspondent, Ed Siegel,
quotes about Pinter from Mr. Billington’s book in
his obituary spread,
Harold Pinter, dramatist of
life’s menace, dies
, on the day after Christmas 2008.
As the years went by, according to Siegel,
Pinter became increasingly interested in political
issues.  Mr. Pinter called Mr. Blair “’a mass
murderer’” over the war in Iraq,” writes Mr. Siegel,
who builds to the conclusion of his piece by citing
biographer “Mr. Billington” (with contributions by
Globe staffer Mr. Valencia and wire service
material), on Pinter, whose later plays “counterpoint
the smokescreen of language.”