Words and Music Keep on Coming

English explanation to come : )
...and here it is
This photo was taken during my recent stay in Israel by Moni Arnon -- of Susie Miller, myself (with the Tel Aviv flu...) and Ezra Levy (better known as the Poetic Photographer -- he usually wields the camera and also writes). Moni and Susie are talented, popular Israeli musicians and performers formerly of The Brothers and the Sisters (האחים והאחיות) -- a legendary Israeli folk group. They're touring the country currently with their new show, Greenfields.
In the photo, Susie had just surprised Moni by bringing me to their favorite neighborhood cafe a few minutes before they went into rehearsal for a ten-year commemorative show in honor of Israeli poet Natan Yonatan, my dear friend, may he rest in peace. I was treated to a rehearsal of Moni's new arrangements for two voices and guitar (to be performed with an orchestra, too) for four of composer Gidi Koren's classic Israeli folk hits. Susie and Moni's rendition of Bechol Makom, for example (see the photo inset), was the MOST beautiful version of that song that I had ever heard.  How lucky to have such friends, Ezra included! Their warmth and hospitality even made me forget that Tel Aviv flu for a few hours. Read the text in the print screen photo below for more info. And by the way, an update -- the concert was broadcast on the radio -- they were fantastic!