Where there's a will

Strictly for Entertainment Purposes

               Tame  girls,   sometimes   called
dancing  girls,  are  wild  girls   that   were
captured when young or born  and bred in
captivity. While their   use  is  most  likely
frowned upon  in  your  circles,  girls  still
perform  as  tourist attractions around  the
world.  Their use as   street entertainment,
however,  is  generally  criticized.  What a
reminder   that    geographically,   for    all
eternity,   self-sacrifice  is   distorted   and
misconstrued and makes little sense. What
shakes  me  up  behind  the scenes  is  that
there  is  an  element   of  self-sacrifice  in
every  relationship  –   in almost every act.
Unbelievable!   It’s up  to  you to improve
your quality of life  by giving  more, even
when you are completely submerged in an
ocean of love.