Small poem, large hand

The Hand of God

From the back it looks like
the great wall of China,
which I have never seen.

Why settle for a finger when you can have the whole hand? (see previous post )  I wrote the above poem in response to a prompt given by Lincoln Center Institute’s Barbara Ellmann following a discussion she led with the Covenant Foundation project directors (Feb 6, 2012) on Nathan Sawaya’s LEGO sculpture in The Art of the Brick® exhibition at the Morris Museum.  She asked for a 3-line poem on “Untitled”, Sawaya's sculpure of a great, gray LEGO hand holding one small red LEGO piece between the thumb and forefinger [displayed at the Morris across from an all red “self-constructing” (or …perhaps… -deconstructing) LEGO torso].

Find images of this sculpture on these sites (two somewhat different perspectives):